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Paint Correction Raleigh NC


This service is recommended for vehicle owners that are looking for the mind-blowing paint enhancement. It is a highly intensive process using a multi-step approach to removing marring, swirl marks, and light scratches on your clear coat . All body panels are heavily compounded with a random orbital machine . Once leveled, the paint is then polished back to brilliance with 90% of imperfections removed. It is recommended for any vehicle owner who aims for perfection and brilliance.

Our Paint correction includes the following:

  • Foam Cannon Premium hand wash with pH Balanced car soap
  • Wheel, Tyres & well cleaning
  • Decontamination of all paint surfaces using clay & iron-remover
  • Taping of all sensitive trim pieces
  • 2 Intensive compounding steps using abrasive compounds and pads to remove most blemishes
  • 1 Machine finishing polishing using industry leading techniques and polishes for the depth, clarity and gloss finish using ceramic infused sealant for 6 months protection
  • Tyres, rims and plastic trims conditioned using high quality eco friendly premium conditioning

Hatchback -$285 | Sedan -$349 | Midsize SUV – $399 | Large SUV – $459 | Trucks -$499

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